Is the cosmic boogie man really sitting out there waiting to pounce and make a liar of me? Or is it that the normal ebb and flow of life is exaggerated after a particularly wonderful day? Either way, trying to stay positive in the face of disaster is hard at the best of times. Yet after you have announced to the world that “My Cup Overflows”, it feels like a whole other beast!

The virus that produces enough snot and flem to stretch across the state or the car you need to sell blowing up, are both poking holes in a supposed happy persona. What the hell?? Well that is actually a very good question? Is it hell? What about heavens help? Huh? What about it?

Actually…I think it’s still the same.

The things that caused me to feel that indeed my cup really does runneth over, are still the same. A couple of life events, that we all face, do not equal an empty cup. (At this point you really need to have read my last blog entry!) Sure inconvenience, spending extra money and illness can get me down but they do not change the good things.

My kids still make me laugh, they are healthy (well you know, excusing winter lurgies), my heart is not the trodden down mess it was, life is getting back on track, I can live a great life again, I don’t need to be lonely forever, My God is still now and forever looking after me; I am His child and He is my Husband.

It does strike me that the God factor in life’s equation really is the only non-variable. My world can, and was, turned upside down, spat upon and kicked to the curb, but the non-variable anchors my everything. There really is hope and purpose in trusting Gods best for my life; it gives me foundation, strong and uncrackable. In contrast my heart itself proved weak and crackable! Crackable is to a word spellcheck!!!

So cosmic boogie man ruining my day or not, I can still smile, and still trust in the goodness of One that knows my day before I even wake. What a comfort. Good day or bad day, my cup, my heart, can still overflow with blessing.

One response to “Uncrackable

  • Curving Toward Joy

    So sorry to hear you’re sick — hope you feel better soon. And the car…ugh, I feel you! (Finally got mine sold, which was a long process.) I think the bad days feel worse after an especially good day. Our cups are not empty…just need to be topped off again. Fortunately, God pours out His blessings over and over and over, and if we just hold our cups up to heaven, they will be full up again in no time. Blessings, my friend — I know they’re on their way to you.

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