I love you xx

Every time I step outside after dark I look up and see the stars you loved so much. It draws me back to sitting with you around camp fires. Sometimes, at home, I’d wander where you were only to find you standing outside soaking in the vastness, the beauty, the Heavens. I bet you have a great view now. I hope you do. Sometimes I wander, can you see me? See the kids? Do you think of us, we think of you, I think of you all the time. I get a coffee, I think of you. I drive your car, I think of you. I see your dog’s sad eyes, I think of you. Your side of our bed, I long for you.

I know that it’s easy to be romantic or idealistic when I remember you, I get to choose the memories I ponder on. But often, my thoughts about you spring into my head because I see something you made, or fixed, your clothes and after shave where you left them, your tools, your saddle and I remember you, the real you. And I love the real you. Scrunched leather cowboy hat sitting crookedly on your head, horse nibbling at it, trying to get your apple and a smile on your face. I remember how you spoke with passion, your  deep voice, your strong hands that held mine.

Thank you Honey, for loving me, for caring about the world, for being alongside me for 21 years. They weren’t always easy times, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Thank you for the way you loved me, with purity, strength, zeal, and passion. You taught me a lot about love and how to be loved. I wasn’t always good at that, but you never gave up trying to make me feel like the apple of your eye. You changed me in many ways, I am better because you love me.

I miss you my love, my friend. I ache missing you, no words able to express the longing that gapes through me when I when I remember you, the real you. I wish we could marvel at the night sky and I could kiss you goodnight even once more… but I would never let you go.

I love you Paul. I always will.



2 responses to “I love you xx

  • Curving Toward Joy

    This is so touching. I always told my husband he was the best part of me; not sure where that leaves me, now that he’s gone. I know that loving him changed me — for the better — and I’m so grateful for even our short time together. Praying for you.


    • janenegregson

      Just reread your comment, and I have thought the same thing from time to time. I was also remembering how my Paul used to say, often, that I was that to him also. I guess the truest love thinks that of each other. My love changed him also, your love changed your husband also. My conclusion; we must have a lot of good love within us, still in there. Love reading your stuff.


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